Gabrielle Gibson
UX designer



The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority aka SEPTA is one of the most reliable modes of transportation for individuals in Philadelphia, PA and its surrounding areas. For employees, to easily access basic HR information such as time off and more is not easily accessible.

*This is a concept and not affiliated with SEPTA*


  • Submitting requests are time consuming

  • There is currently no online presence for requests

  • Receiving approval is not automatic


A mobile application where people can submit time off requests.





  • User Interviews


  • User Stories

  • User Flow

  • Site Mapping

  • Low Fidelity Wireframes

  • Style Guide


  • High Fidelity Wireframes

  • Prototype


User Interviews

During the ideation phase of the project, I conducted two interviews to build an idea on what struggles were to help create structure for the design. An interview script with 10 open ended questions were asked with a interview time of 15 mins.

Pain points of a few employees:
View their points (reprimanded system for not showing up to work or calling out)
Viewing paid time off balances
Submit & modifying requested time off


User Stories


  • As an employee, sign into the portal so that we know we are accessing our account details

  • As an employee, view our paid time off (PTO) so that we do not have to call human resources support

  • As an employee, view points so that we know we are reprimanded for taking unexpected time off


  • As an employee, request time off so that we do not have to call human resources support

SEPTA Concept

User Flow

  • A path with steps created for user navigation

  • Helped me create a flow for the design of individual screens

SEPTA Concept

Site Mapping

  • Useful for information architecture and deciding pages that are required and not required

Low Fidelity Wireframes

  • The basic view of the screens with minimal color and functionality

SEPTA Concept

Style Guide

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High Fidelities

  • The close to final screens for a live mobile application


Enjoy the clickable prototype created with Figma.


  • I feel as though another round of interviews would have been efficient to know what users actually want

Next Steps

  • User Tests to gain feedback

  • Redesign based on feedback

  • Development