This branding campaign was created for the west Allegheny area in North Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. The city of Philadelphia has been hit hard with years of injustice from unfair treatment with police brutality or the West Philadelphia MOVE bombings in the 70s. The irony of the unfair treatment stems from the fact that the city is almost 50% African American but it is still heavily racially segregated and unequivocally unjust. 
Gentrification is widely known throughout the United States and it definitely rips communities apart starting from displacing people from their homes. We believe revitalization of communities are beneficial however, the way developers go about the change is completely unruly. 
The mission of the Allegheny Empowerment Civic Association is to one, education the community about the real estate development in the area; two, attend community meetings; and three, enforce real estate developers to include, respect and empower the current residents of the area they are inserting themselves in.  
In regards to the style guide below, I wanted to create something that was fun yet bold. I drew a smiley face which represents happiness and as the details were captured it visually transformed into a more communal vibe as it looks like two people are embracing each other which is on brand for this community organization. 

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