this is about one day that stands witness to 

gabrielle Halle PHOTOGRAPHY

a lifetime love.






This is wedding photography full of light, quiet moments and organic posing.  But above all, honest emotion.

My vision, for the entire day, is to find your most intimate moments and quietly become a part of them, if only for a split second, so that they last a lifetime. 




philadelphia, pittsburgh, new york, and beyond

this is wedding photography for the bride who's day is planned in LOVE AND PERSONAL DETAILS, who looks forward to the special photographs of just her and her new husband, and who will never apologize for UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER OR TEARS.



I am a romantic at heart and a storyteller to the core.  I live for heart-to-heart conversations, good music, open spaces, and the quiet hours of the morning.


I was a bride first before a wedding photographer and I cherish the photos from our wedding as the most important thing I have from that day (besides my husband of course). I believe in marriage. And I believe the most important days of our lives are worth beautiful photography.

as a bride

He is optimistic to the core and my calm and steadfast anchor.  

He has always been my biggest fan and endless encourager.  For all the stories I tell, ours is still my favorite.


I still remember searching for the right photographer.  Very few detials about our wedding were anywhere near as important to me.  I couldn't say exactly what I was looking for I just knew that I hadn't found it yet... until I opened up her website and said "yes! that's it!" 

our wedding photos

(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

If it is raining, you can expect to find me out walking or sitting by a window in my favorite coffee shop.

rainy days

From my backyard that sat on the first ridge of the Pocono Mountains to Pittsburgh's Mt Washington overlook, I am inspired to find the best overlooks of the world in front of me. This also includes traveling to find those really good views, like Rocky Mountain National Park (above).

really good views

Yes, most people cringe when they hear this. but I love all things that come with the winter - skating, snowboarding, the cold clean air, snow, Christmas, and the quiet, peaceful days of January. Snow or no snow, I find myself most in love with the winter season.


Any espresso based drink, a cup of tea, a rainy day outside, and sharing love stories and heart-to-hearts. I simply love to talk to people and hear their narrative. There are too many wonderful details that go unnoted in our lives and I want to hear all of them.

good conversations

My photography is a blend between photojournalistic and fine art.  I pose only when necessary and spend most of the day shooting in-the-moment and unobtrusively.  I believe your wedding day should unfold naturally without being interrupted by stiff or cliché posing.

In order to best serve each of my clients, I only take on the weddings that I feel like I am the best fit for.  Wedding photography is a very personal choice and above all, the best photographer to choose is someone whose style reflects your own and whose personality you click with.



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Gabrielle is truly amazing. I still cry when I look through our photos. She is amazing at capturing everything in such an elegant and timeless way. There is no one better to have on your wedding day!

when i look through our photos

"I still cry

Mikey & Jeana
omni william penn - pittsburgh, pa

Not only do we have beautiful photos, but our wedding day was spent with someone that felt like our friend or family member. On more than one occasion, Gabrielle was the person that I was looking to for direction. Not only did she manage the photography, but she provided me a level of comfort on what is a crazy and emotional day! We have received so many compliments on our pictures, and I truly couldn't ask for anything better. 

a member of 
the family

"I felt like she was more

Alex & Lacey
phipps conservatory - pittsburgh, pa

Throughout the entire process, Gabrielle was so thoughtful, attentive, and creative every step of the way! My husband was nervous about photographs, but Gabrielle did an awesome job of making him feel comfortable for every photograph. We love our wedding photographs so much and also love all the memories leading up the day as well!

our vision

"She understood

Joel & Jessica
schnoodleberry Farm, butler PA

When you meet Gabrielle, one of the first things you'll undoubtedly notice is her heart. She has an honest, loving soul that seeks to find the true beauty, delight, and joy within people, all the while allowing people to be their natural selves in front of her lens. Gabrielle was one of the most organized and helpful vendors we had the pleasure of working with on our wedding day.  She also did a great job of figuring out what we wanted out of our photos by asking us questions specific to our day, details, and venue (and to who we are as a couple). If you're looking for someone who truly cares about you, your relationship with your soon-to-be husband, and the details of your day, look no further.

is her heart"

"The first thing you'll notice

Nick & Jenna
THe white barn, prospect, PA

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